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The "Ear Defender 3" is a multi adjustable face mask customiser. This Ear Defender 3 has 3 adjustment hooks per left and right head hemisphere for fit (6 in total). 


The Ear Defender 3 presents health care and other ear loop mask wearers superior comfort and protection. Some of the typical arguments of ear loop style vs head attached straps are that safety seal is difficult to achieve for those with a smaller crown size. The Ear Defender 3 provides all of the customisation options to achieve this simply and with great levels of comfort. 


The difference between the Ear Defender 3 and 6 is the system used to fasten the mask at rear of head. Some health professionals find this system easier. Either way, if you use earloop style masks an Ear Defender 3 or 6 is a must. Get yours today!  

Ear Defender3 (Pack of 3)


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