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Dr Alex Abrahams of Masked Up, delivering masks.

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Masked Up is an Australian and New Zealand based company that was started by a group of Australian health professionals seeking to address the chronic shortage of medical-grade PPE (personal protection equipment) within the Australian community.
We purchase in bulk and do not operate bricks-and-mortar stores (100% online) to ensure our cost base is extremely low and accordingly we can offer both health care professionals and the general public the lowest price on the market.
All products we sell have been assessed by Australian doctors to ensure they meet the highest quality standard available.  

Products available on are the same products that our health professionals use in public health, hospitals, private practices, test laboratories and education settings every day.

Masked Up seeks to provide items used in a clinical setting that offer the highest standard of protection and that are safe and comfortable to wear to achieve mutual person-to-person protection.

Product Categories:

-        Face masks and shields

-        Isolation and clinical gowns

-        Clinical foot and hair coverings

-        Sterilisation packs

-        Barrier protection patches

-        Electronic pre-screening units (thermometers)

Our motto is "Smile with your eyes"!

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