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MaskedUp Ear Defence 3/6, a
hit for health care workers

Sore or tired ears at the end of the day? MaskedUp proudly introduces the "Ear Defence 3 & 6".

Our ear defence solutions are designed to compliment the MaskedUp face mask range. These devices are very important for achieving a customizable fit and high level of seal protection to your face mask.

The Ear Defence 6 has 6 levels of adjustment positions possible and the Ear Defence 3 has 3 positions but is a little easier to don and doff due to the greater open latchet design. If you are wondering why the 3 is a little more expensive than the 6 its because there is almost double the amount of 3d print resin used to produce which helps achieve and easier latching when your hands are behind your heads.

The Ear Defence 3 or 6 provides reduced contact with ears upon donning and doffing of your face mask. There are 3x "Ear Defence3/6" appliances per packet and they are reusable once disinfected. The MaskedUp "Ear Defence3/6" is produced in Australia with precision sub 50micron resins.


See below video on how to use your Ear Defenders

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