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MaskedUp is building a user education library entitled MaskTech.

Here you will find articles, demonstrations, product certifications, education resources 

and other useful information to help you in your PPE journey. Don't forget even with your

pearly whites covered you can always "Smile with your eyes".

MaskedUp Ear Defence 3/6, a
hit for health care workers
MaskedUp supplies masks to hospitals in NSW
See Masked up in the media!
Sore or tired ears at the end of the day? MaskedUp proudly introduces...
This post is under construction. We are working on it as you read it!
We have put together some fun videos for MaskedUp that you might...
PPE Demonstration
We have found a great video for Donning and Doffing you...r PPE.
Surgical vs 95 Grade Mask
MaskedUp have built a simple to use chart to ascertain which mask to use...
Understanding the Mask Labels
There are so many labels and acronyms for masks these days...

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